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In my post on Pet Responsibilities Part 2 which was about providing your pets with sufficient exercise and health, I showed pictures of Sonnig's vaccination certificate. 

It has come to my attention, that there are cases of puppies or dogs being sold with fake vaccination cards happening in Singapore. Reportedly, already 5 new pet owners bought their puppies with vaccination certs from the same breeder, and found out days later that the vaccination certificates were fake when their expensive puppies started getting sick. 

The fake vaccination certificate.

Thing is, the cards used as the fake vaccination certificate that the victims showed were exactly the same as Sonnig's card. It was shocking really because I adopted Sonnig from SPCA Penang. There is no way it could be fake.

The front cover of Sonnig's certificate.
However, everything made sense to me when I read that the victims confessed they have never seen a vaccination certificate in their lives before. They claimed that what they had was just a handwritten description about the puppy on a card that titled 'PET VACCINATION CERTIFICATE'.

My guess is, the irresponsible breeder who I think happens to be a puppy miller also, took the original card and photocopied the cover only, to fraud new inexperienced pet owners with high prices because they run a legal business abiding by the rules of engagement - which they obviously don't. I think the culprit runs a puppy mill because the puppies were getting sick at a fast rate, which only happens if the puppies were in close contact with more unvaccinated dogs.

Notice the difference of text color between the original card and the fake one. Sonnig's card has all blue text color, while the fake one has smudges and black text color. Clues to why I think the fake one is photocopied.

Other than just the cover, as you can see with the fake one. The original certification card is actually folded. When you unfold it, this is what you will see inside...

Vaccination stickers, official stamps and Vet signatures. As you can see, Sonnig had his first two vaccinations at SPCA Penang. I took him to my local vet for his third one.
When a veterinarian injects the vaccine into your pet, they will rip the sticker off the vaccine bottles and stick it onto the vaccination card as reference for your pet's next vaccination. As confirmation and prove that your pet has been vaccinated, the Vet Clinic would also stamp their official details and signature them on the card. The dates on the other hand, are just to remind you when you should bring in your pet for the next dosage.

To give you a better example on not being cheated when buying a dog, I'll share with you my family's experience. When my sister got Kaixin our miniature poodle from the pet shop/groomer in Taiping, it came with it's vaccination certification too.

The blue one is Kaixin's card.
It happens that, Kaixin actually comes from a breeder in Penang and was born there. To prove that it is real, inside the card has it's vaccination stickers, stamps and vet signatures. More points for my sister when she was persuading my Mum to add another dog into our home. 

Inside Kaixin's card. The first vaccination was done by the breeder in Penang. Note the different veterinary clinic stamps and signatures.
In the end, it just shows you how important it is to do your research first before getting that pet you want ever so badly. That is exactly the aim of my blog. To guide my fellow pet loving friends - beginner or higher, on the right path to Pet Ownership and also to create awareness, so that mistakes like this case of fake vaccination certs never need to happen to any of us. The victims that fell prey to this scam had to do the responsible thing by spending even more money on vet bills just to give their puppies a chance to survive. If their puppies don't live, all that money would have gone to a waste. Like I said, it is YOU who PAY the ULTIMATE PRICE!

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