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This is something I did in all of my blogs, and that is posting essays I did in school just for some random fun. 

I was looking through some exercise books I had, and happen to come across this essay I wrote way back in 2007 when I was in form 4(16 years old). Please forgive the childishness in my writing, for I have just started to get serious about it. Other than that, my essay might sound irrelevant to the topic. My explanation is, I love writing STORIES more than facts. I'm stubborn that way. I hereby present to you, my homework...

Write a composition of about 350 words on one of the following topics.
  1. Joys of childhood
  2. Discuss some of the fears that students face when they leave school
  3. Schools should do away with extra-curricular activities. What are your feelings on the subject?
  4. Write a story beginning with: "I was to be blamed and now history is going..."
  5. Ambition


       As we all know it, ambition is something everyone in the world have thought about at some point during our life. From children aging four and above, to teenagers and young adults. Ambition is a career we all wanted to do for the rest of our lives and it has to be something we love and enjoyed doing.

       Through studies and interviews, children ages four and above will have ambitions to be parents and teachers, simply because that's what they were familiar with at that young age. As we grow older, we start being exposed to the world, enter school and learn more about businesses as well as the array of occupation that are available. 60% of teenagers will answer that their ambition is to be doctors when asked. The reason behind this is because society have always perceived doctors as being well paid and successful, thus ensuring a happy bountiful life.

       Like every person in the world, I too had ever changing ambition. (Honestly, I still can't decide on what I should be today.) Throughout my childhood, I have changed my ambition a few times already. At the age of four, my ambition was to be a mother. To have a loving family and care for them. When I began school, I wanted to be a teacher when I grow up, maybe because I wanted to be like my parents again who are teachers. Whenever my neighbors came to play with me, we will play games where one of us was the teacher and the others were students.  Sometimes, all of us will be teachers teaching imaginary students.

       When I was nine, my father bought me a new bicycle. I started playing new games with my neighbors, where we would ride around the house pretending we were motorists. To make things interesting for the game, one of us will play as a police while the rest would either be a traffic police, a road user, or a law breaker. My favorite role to play was the traffic police and this made me change my ambition once again, this time to a traffic police woman. However, there was a time I wanted to be a police woman too cause I love fighting crime. Life was easy then and we didn't have much worries. My neighbors and I would play for hours together everyday.

       After my 12th birthday, on the year of my UPSR exam, I discovered that ambition could only be one. I started thinking hard and found the perfect one. I loved animals since the day I could speak and have always been very interested in their features as well as the amazing things they could do which we couldn't. Any information or fact that I read about them would remain in my head for years and it happens so easily for me. 

       All I wanted to do during my schooling time was to watch 'Animal Planet', study science and observe living creatures. Steve Irwin was my childhood hero but I misunderstood the title that was given to him. I thought they called him 'The Crocodile Hunter' was because he hunted and killed crocodiles, but after watching his show, I finally realized that he caught crocodiles to be transported and released for education purposes and also to keep them away from human civilization. He is a hero, for he selflessly risked his life every single day to raise awareness on animal conservation in order to save more lives. Thanks to him, I was never afraid of snakes or other dangerous animals, but to respect and understand them.

       Therefore, my ambition is to become a Zoologist and follow in Steve Irwin's footsteps, for I too want to raise awareness on the existence of the many species of animals in the world and help protect their existence for the future generation.

~The End~

Well, to be honest with you, my dream to be a zoologist crashed and burned the year after Steve Irwin's death in 2006. I wrote this in 2007, and this little essay was the last trace of that ambition. After that, I fell hard into a pit of despair and depression. Negativity finally consumed me and I didn't fight it, I just let it happen. I lost my way.

The day I started writing this blog, was the day I challenged negativity. I'm picking back up the pieces and I don't care what happens, I'm never going back to that state of mind. I've been bullied, burned, electrocuted, bitten, humiliated, used, abused and am living my life in constant fear of judgement. 

No matter what I do, one thing about me has never changed throughout my life and that is my LOVE for ANIMALS and my need to PROTECT them like how a PARENT would take care of their family. Like how a POLICE OFFICER or OFFICERS OF LAW keep the people safe from harm. Like how a TEACHER would educate the children and everyone to do what is right. That is my SOLE PURPOSE on this planet and it's something I'll never ever give up on or will ever let go off. 

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