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I present to you, yet another one of my essay from my schooling days. Same year as the last one. If you have not read the previous essay, click here: Ambition

To think about it, I think I got the inspiration from 101 Dalmatians when I was coming up with the story line. Original plot was about the children disappearing, but as I started writing the first few lines, 101 Dalmatians just popped into my head.

Write a composition of not less than 350 words on one of the following topics:-
  1. Describe a birthday party that you had attended.
  2. Write a story ending with:- "I know that I will never see them again."
  3. What is called a good tuition center?
  4. Is it better to further your education locally or overseas?
  5. Magazines


       It was late one night when I heard a knock on my bedroom door. When I opened the door, one of my daughter, Sapphire ran in and hugged me with tears streaming down her face. When I asked her why was she crying, she sobbed even worse and started pulling me towards the stairs.

       I followed her down the stairs and into the kitchen. The storm outside was still going strong and flashes of white light illuminated the dark room with a strange eerie atmosphere. I turned on the lights and to my horror, saw a huge furry animal spread out on the kitchen floor. I leaped and screamed in shock, but before I could do anything, Sapphire ran to the animal and started stroking it's long sleek body.

       As I adjusted my eyes, I slowly approached the figure and could finally make out what the creature was. Lying there on my kitchen floor was a big wet black Doberman Retriever mix dog. It was obvious how the animal got into my house, for there was a trail of rain water and mud leading from the kitchen door to Sapphire's drenched bunny slippers. Being a Veterinarian, I did not question Sapphire's action and immediately got to work examining the dog to evaluate it's condition.

       The dog was conscious, but wasn't well, and to make things worst, it was pregnant and was about to give birth. I asked Sapphire to the wake her older brothers, Robhanie and David, as well as her twin sister, Sapphira up to help me with the delivery. When they arrived, I asked Robhanie to fetch me some warm blankets from the closet upstairs. David being the oldest, helped me heave the dog and move it into a whelping box I made out of cardboard boxes and blankets, while Sapphira fetched my gloves and apparatus from my office across the hall.

       When everything was ready and the dog in a stable condition, we waited for the puppies. One by one it came, and the kids held the puppies close to it's mother's head so that the mum could lick it's puppies clean. I then asked the kids to place the puppies near their mum's belly so that they could suckle and keep warm. The delivery took half an hour and by one in the morning, there were seven little puppies snuggled close to their mum. I decided it was time for all my children to resume their sleep and only decide the future of the dogs in the morning. I left the dog and her puppies to rest in my kitchen, safe from the storm.

       The next morning, my husband and I had a tough discussion on the future of the dogs, but finally decided to keep all eight dogs for now. Our kids had their long faces on when we talked about putting the dogs up for adoption. Names were then given to the dogs. The kids named the puppies, while my husband and I named the mother. We named her Destiny for I believe she was destined to have found us during her time of need.

       Few months passed and my children bonded with the dogs. The puppies are now more active and beautiful. Our family moved into a bigger house and are now enjoying the summer holidays. The kids loved their dogs so much that they could never be seen without a tail wagging by their foot. Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

       One tragic night, the kids were in bed and the dogs were in the hall sleeping. It was raining that night, and then a dark figure appeared outside the window. He blew a whistle that emitted a really high pitch sound that only dogs could hear. One by one, the dogs got up and went through the doggie door. Never to be seen again.

       The next morning, I woke up with all my children crying and sobbing around my bed. I later heard from my neighbors that a man has dog napped my dogs. After years and years of waiting and searching, the police department finally gave up in finding the criminal. That was the day I know that I will never see them again.

~The End~

This would be the last essay I'll post in my blog cause I can't find any other essays I wrote that has anything to do with pets. If you would like to read more, I do have one really good essay in my other blog.

I don't really like to promote that blog because it's darker and is really more about my fight against depression.

I'm not really sure if that essay is as good as I say it is, but it was an essay I did in an exam. I only had like an hour or less to write it, and as I started writing it, I think God showed me a vision. In an EXAM! When I'm suppose to feel stressed and pressured as my time ticks away. instead, I just felt this calm and peacefulness. Sheer state of blissfulness. I just went with it and here is the essay: An Unexpected Guest

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