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(Sorry, it's a bad habit I picked up in Germany)
Rambutan season came and gone. It lasted for almost 2 months this time, roughly from mid October till now. However, this post is really more about Sonnig and you won't believe what he did during rambutan season this year. I finally get to keep up with the trend of dog shaming and bad as it may be, I have to crown him with the title Rambutan King. Lol, I'm still proud of my mischievous little boy.

I was too lazy to write it on a piece of paper or edit it nicely, so I used FB doodle instead.
       For those who don't know what a rambutan is, I'll just start with a brief explanation. The rambutan is a seasonal fruit that grows on trees and can be found all over the regions of tropical Southeast Asia. 
My Mum's rambutan tree in our ever shrinking backyard
Happens to be Papaya season too. YUM!!!
      The name-in my opinion anyway, is a mix between Malay/Indon Malay and some Chinese which means Hairy Egg. Rambut as in hair in Malay/Indon Malay and the -tan as in egg in chinese. I don't believe that is how it got it's name, but I like my definition better because the hairy skin does conceal an egg likeness fruit inside. In Hokkien, we turned it into Angmor-tan... Okay, now it sounds so wrong if you look at it the wrong way. Kid friendly translation will be red haired egg. I'm not gonna explain the dirty, racist version of it. 

This is usually the way to eat it. Make a cut/tear in the middle and squeeze the fruit out.
One bowl full and I still have a full bag.
       Well anyway, that's enough about rambutans. My family have had that tree for a few years already. Every time it came into season, I and my dad would harvest the fruits and share them around with neighbors, friends and family. We would pick the best of course, but sometimes we do get unripe and damaged ones(ants cutting gashes of the skin to get to the juicy flesh). What do I do with them? Isn't it obvious? I would peel them up and give it to the dogs as a nice sweet refreshing treat. They absolutely LOVE it! Some more than others... Yes, I'm talking about Sonnig.

So many!!!
        Strange enough, this year's season was really fruitful and the rambutans we harvested were sweeter then ever. Previous harvest weren't so bountiful and Sonnig weren't as addicted to them compared to the one we are currently having. Even outsiders were crazy for our rambutans this year till they were stealing our fruit from the other side of the wall.

         One evening while I was out at work, my mum caught one of the perp that was stealing our rambutans. She told him we wouldn't have minded if he had just asked if he could pick some of our fruit instead of doing it so criminally. As punishment, he had to harvest a bagful for us if he wanted to bring back the ones he just picked for himself. 

         When I got home, I noticed rambutan shells scattered all over the floor. My mum had left the bagful outside to rid of ants. That is when we realized not only was there a thief beyond the wall, but also within it.

This was taken after I swept and gathered the shells altogether. That seriously could have been 20 or more rambutans and nobody knew what was going on?
         It was unclear if Sonnig was the only guilty one, but during some spy work, it was always him putting his snout in the bag and taking a rambutan out to feast on. 

Back at the scene of the crime. No shame... Did I miss one?
       I told my mum about it of course and she was furious! She couldn't understand how a dog could peel open and eat rambutans. Curious myself, I decided to offer Sonnig an unpeeled rambutan and film him in action. He was pretty reluctant to show me his secret at first, but the rambutan got the better of him.

           I apologize for his poor skin and coat condition. I went to the vets, paid a lot of money, got him good food, and bathed him as scheduled, but I'm still at the losing end. I think it's really seasonal allergies cause it only flares up once or twice in a year. To make things worst, his velvet like short hair doesn't help in cushioning his joints while sitting or lying down on hard surfaces, and that is why there are bald spots and skin hardening around those areas.

As for that scar on his snout... He got into a fight with one of the dogs. Sometimes it's Keiko and most of the time it's Raichu, but it rarely happens(it's like they will go on for months without incident, and then suddenly one day they just decided to have a go). Please someone get me Cesar Millan!

           There you have it! Sonnig the Rambutan King. I'll keep on working to get his coat looking beautiful again, but it's gonna take some time. Good thing my work is paying more and I'll be able to support my pets better. Honestly I've never had a dog like Sonnig before. The antiques of this dog and that brain of his. He is truly one of a kind. My special boy! Surprising me again and again with the things he could do.

This dog is seriously addicted!

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